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After posting the gorgeous cover for my upcoming short story, I was asked if a blurb or an excerpt was available. For your reading pleasure, here it is. Coming July 6 from The Wild Rose Press’ Faery Rose line:


Kerry Duff never expected to see Sean Gordon again after their magical night together twenty-one years ago.  But Kerry is still addicted to the mythical creature who slipped away with the dawn tide, and she is driven by an insatiable need to find him.

Sean is head of the Selkies.  Powerful, ancient and invulnerable, he’s controlled the clans at the cost of his own family. Years ago, an echo of loneliness called him ashore, almost binding him to a life on land. He escaped to the sea, but he’s never forgotten the woman who revitalized his soul.

Now, face-to-face again, Sean realizes Kerry is destined to be his mate—and the secret she has kept from him represents the renewal of his clan.  But an enemy clan is determined to exploit Sean’s new-found weakness.  Can Kerry and Sean trust each other enough to prevent the destruction of their clan?

Excerpt from Chapter Two:

“How long?”

She could see the demand in his eyes, even shadowed as they were. “Twenty-one years.”

“You’ve been waiting for me, then, not just any one of my kind.”

“You could say that. Mostly I’ve been hoping.” She turned her head away from his darkened eyes, and sighed. “You’re not easy to forget. And I tried. Believe me, I tried.”

“Most women don’t remember us at all. Especially me. I do my best to ensure they have nothing to remember except a pleasant dream.”

She had thought it a dream, herself, until the next month, when she’d discovered she was pregnant. If she’d been the usual OC party girl, she’d have assumed she’d slipped up with one of the unidentifiable boys of summer break hysteria. But she hadn’t been that type of girl; still wasn’t, except when she came to the shore and stood on the beach before a storm. Her dreams of him haunted her for years, until they drove her back with the need to find him.

“The magic didn’t work. I remembered too much.” He didn’t need to know about Elise, not yet. If he stayed long enough, he would find out for himself. Her daughter had his eyes. But she didn’t want to spoil the shimmer that still floated through her. She looked up at him again, almost mesmerized by the sculpted body that was poised above her. There was no tremble now in those rock hard arms, just the endless strength of the deep sea.



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