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A Retreat to Remember

Sorry everyone! I’d meant to get this out there as soon as I got back from the retreat with The Wild Rose Press. Unfortunately, life got in the way, so here we are, two weeks later, and I’m just getting around to it.  Ah well, that’s the way it goes!

Now, I’ve been to lots of conferences: I’ve attended RWA’s National Conference almost every year since 2006, and gone to a few smaller ones.  Lots of energy, lots of exciting workshops. But I have to say, the inspiration I received at those can’t compare to my experience in Asheville over the weekend of May 12th.  It was a small gathering – I think all told, there were something like thirty of us (I never counted, really!) and the coziness made for a pretty fun retreat.

We had workshops, of course, focusing on necessary craft issues, such as query and synopsis writing, and business issues, like how to not lose your editor (nicely tongue-in-cheek, too, thanks, Rhonda!) A Saturday day-trip to the Biltmore Estate (I’ll blog about that in a separate post-it’s truly worth a visit), and allotted writing time.  And for the many of you who didn’t attend, you missed a great Who Dun It when we had to figure out who ‘killed’ our Editor In Chief, Rhonda Penders!

But the best part of the whole retreat was being able to bond with sister writers (sorry guy writers, but there were only authors of the female persuasion at this retreat.) From the small group that shared my dorm (and who I feel very close to now) to the group as a whole, there was a camaraderie that has carried over to our everyday life. Many of the Retreat Attendees (yes, they deserve to be capitalized!) have continued to chat and email each other. Such a short weekend, but I’m sure plenty of strong new friendships came out of it.

So, to Rhonda Penders and RJ Morris, co-founders of The Wild Rose Press, winners of Best Publisher from Predators and Editors for three years running, kudos! and many, many thanks! I’m already looking forward to next year at the ranch.

Up next…a ten foot deep, heated, indoor swimming pool – in turn of the century North Carolina?


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