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A week after the RWA Nationals Conference, life is finally getting back into a more relaxed swing. Like most fledgling authors, I have a day job. As much as I love the overwhelming crush of Nationals, coming back to earth inevitably means catching up on my real life. Read that as overtime. Lots of overtime. Not enough writing time (boo!).

Still, attending Nationals leaves me with the biggest high. I mean, where else can I connect with 2000 people who love writing romance as much as I do? Even better, who don’t look down their collective noses and ask me when I’m going to write a “real” book?

I’ve attended Nationals every year but one since I joined Romance Writers of America. It’s the highlight of my writing year. No matter how many times I attend, I learn something new, make more friends, and reconnect with old acquaintances. Because writing is such a solitary art, too many of us connect only online, through web sites, chat rooms, blogs, and online chapters and critique groups. Being able to put faces to names you see regularly is astounding. The downside is that if, like me, you belong to multiple groups, you sometimes have to pick and choose who you visit with, and hope you catch up again sometime later! But what a downside-having too many people to decide who to spend time visiting…a wealth of friends.

And not to forget….This past Tuesday, July 6, was the release day for my short paranormal, STORM CALLED. It’s available at The Wild Rose Press (60 pages of quick lunchtime or bedtime reading-enjoy!) in just about any e-form you need. Sorry there wasn’t a bigger to-do on the actual date, but, well, I was paying the price for being gone from work for a week. So I hope you all will check out my little tale (yes, a shameless plug here!) You can buy it here.

Up next: a chat with Kerry Duff, the heroine of STORM CALLED, to find out just what she finds appealing in that Selkie of hers!


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