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Ok, so a while ago, I promised an interview with Kerry Duff, the heroine of Storm Called. I finally caught up with her, and managed to chat. As you can see, it didn’t quite go the way I had hoped…

Dorothy: Ms. Duff, I’m really glad you found the time for this brief interview.

Kerry Duff: Thanks, I’m happy to be here. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Dorothy: No problem. I understand what it’s like to be busy. Are you ready?

Kerry: Go for it. I’ll answer what I can!

Dorothy: So tell us, Ms. Duff, when did you first meet Sean Gordon?

Kerry: Call me Kerry. You sound like my son-in-law when you call me Ms. Duff. Well, I first met Sean when I was twenty. I was in Ocean City for spring break. I wasn’t really into the big drinking and party scene. You know, the good-girl type. So I was out walking the beaches, and there he was…

Dorothy: Weren’t you a little worried? I mean, after all, a strange man, in the middle of the night…

Kerry: (laughter) I probably should have been. But it never even crossed my mind. I mean, there he was, six-two, gorgeous grey-green eyes, dark brown hair waving in untamed curls…that’s hard to resist, even now.

Dorothy: So he looks the same now as he did back then?

Kerry: Yeah. I have to admit, it really bummed me out to know he still looked twenty-something while I was clearly no longer in the prime of youth.

Sean Gordon: Hey, you were still hot.

Dorothy: (fanning herself) I wasn’t expecting you, Uachdaran. Thanks for dropping by, though!

Kerry: Sean, shouldn’t you be out helping to find Jake?

Sean: I’ve done everything I can…

Kerry: That’s not enough! Elise is frantic.

Sean: Chill, Kerry. Shane’s gone for help.

Kerry: Shane? I though the Gregors considered him a failure.

Sean: They just don’t know his real talents. He’s something else. (strange smile) And he’s calling on a powerful ally. Just wait ‘til you meet her.

Kerry: Who?

Sean: The Siren of the Atlantic. The Donald supporters better run.

Dorothy: (tentatively) Umm…the interview?

Sean: Sorry, I have to steal her away. We have a crisis on our hands right now. Our son-in-law’s gone missing, and no one can find him. We’ll have to pick this up later. Bye!

Kerry: Sean, wait…

Dorothy: Well, sorry about that folks. I have to admit, Sean Gordon is definitely impressive up close, but so much for the interview. On the other hand, it seems all is not well in the Selkie world. Looks like an interesting story to follow. I’ll keep you posted!


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