Writing of romance, fantasy, and love

When Life Hands You Lemons-

-make lemonade. When life hands you roses, don’t stop with just a bouquet, plant a garden and keep it growing.

So when your muse up and quits on you for any length of time, push through it. Creating a story is like delivering a baby-it’s a labor of love, and it can’t happen without pain, anguish, and frustration. But the end result is a beautiful garden of prose that blossoms before your very eyes.

Just yesterday, I noticed a colleague of mine at work. I had noticed her pregnancy about a month back, that tell-tale baby bump curving graciously forward just enough to be noticeable. When I saw her yesterday, I was shocked: that petite baby bump had become the beautifully rounded stomach of a woman in her second trimester. It was lovely, and reminded me of the way a garden of roses blossoms. At first you see just a few buds here and there, and then maybe a few fully-opened flowers. And then one morning, you get up and the whole garden, trellis and all, is covered with roses of all varieties you’ve planted, blooming in their grandest glory.

So when life hands you those roses, those lovely ideas that move your story forward in an unexpected direction, plant them, nurture them, shelter them. Let them grow in their abundance. They might seem only a bud or two, or at best a fully blooming rose, but give them time, and overnight, they will become the overflowing rose garden that tells your readers the most fantastic story.


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