Writing of romance, fantasy, and love


As you might guess from the content of this blog, I have great aspirations of writing the unforgettable romance.  While I started telling stories almost before I could write, my love of romance didn’t start until I was 16.  That was when I held my first Regency novel in my hand, and discovered that there was more to romance than the much-reviled ‘bodice ripper’.  So when I finally decided to write a novel of my own, I started with Regencies, and then became somewhat of a dilettante as I branched out into other areas.  While I enjoy living inside so many worlds, on occasion it does get confusing!

Like most of us, I currently hold down a day job (in banking, so unromantic) while I’m waiting for that one call that says I don’t have to work anymore.  Hey, we all like to dream big!

While I juggle my writing with my job, I also factor in a husband, two adult kids, and a menagerie consisting of one dog, three cats, and a parakeet.  I have a fur/feather color to coordinate with any wardrobe, and my lint roller has become my weapon of choice!


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  1. Hi mommy!!!!

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