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Where Does Your Muse Live?

I’m currently vacationing in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Though the air isn’t as crisp as Breckenridge, Colorado, the mist of sea spray is just as pleasant. Meandering through the town, dining at restaurants right by the ocean, all of it brings my muse alive.

Have you ever heard the harsh cries of gulls as they scrabble and fight over food? Or their piercing cry as they call others to a potential bounty?

What about the rush of cresting waves, that eternal ebb and flow of the tide driven by our moon. Have you ever looked at the moon and wondered at the power that barren orb has over our life-filled world?

Have you visited an aquarium filled with exotic fish, and sharks and rays of all types? Tried touching the slippery skin of a ray as it flies through the water with effortless grace?

The sights and sounds of a tourist destination in the off-season is truly amazing. Overheard conversations on teen angst, serious hush-hush political discussions in dark corners, purse-pups standing on the dashboards of Porsches. Everything can be found in such places.

If you’re looking for a lost muse, consider this: Thalia and her sisters might not have abandoned you. They may be beckoning you to wander a little farther afield, to see things you might otherwise miss.